Pioneers then, pioneers now

When we say we are creating the most beautiful farm in the world, we mean something deeper than aesthetics. 

To us, ‘farming beautifully’ means being a leader in regenerative, diverse and ethical food production. The quality of our crops and health of our livestock starts with thriving underground ecosystems so our focus is on the soil, where life begins.

As custodians of Royalburn Station we are committed to leaving the land in a better condition than it was before us. A variety of crops and livestock are required to work in unison to build soil carbon, increase microbial health and regenerate soil structure. It’s like permaculture on a massive scale.

our focus is on the soil, where life begins

With minimal use of fossil fuels and other synthetic inputs, we are experimenting with farming operations that significantly reduce or utilise any waste. We believe everything can be used as a valuable resource.

Growing and raising food to feed and nourish people, in a way that honours and respects animals and the environment, and ultimately connects people to the land, is farming beautifully.