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We need to eat more wild meat

When it comes to food and drink, Central Otago is renowned for producing gorgeous wine [...]

What’s underfoot is important in climate change fight

Carbon. It gets talked about a lot, but many people don’t understand why it is [...]

There’s a time and place for nitrogen fertiliser

Last month, Greenpeace presented a petition to Parliament calling for synthetic nitrogen fertiliser to be [...]

A beginner’s guide to regenerative farming

The term “regenerative” has been bandied around a lot in regards to farming, and it [...]

The future of farming?

If you want to try a bit of crystal ball-gazing, try to imagine the food [...]

Why we should care more about wool

I find it intriguing that, in a world where we are so keen on being [...]

Why we planted 968,000 sunflowers

In late summer and into early autumn, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing fields [...]

The true cost of the food in our trollies

I wonder how many of us know the “true cost” of the food we put [...]

Jack Frost key to sweet sprouts

I grew brussels sprouts once when we lived in the city but they weren’t very [...]

It’s important to share our catastrophic failures

I started writing this column but decided it would be better for you to hear [...]